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New material for penetration of clear sound without the wind and water interference.


◇Utilizing porous structure,
  • Permeation of sound without loss
  • Shield of wind noise
  • Suppression of popping noise.
◇Without the change of sound quality,
  • Coloring of the sureface
  • Putting water repellent treatment
  • Forming into curved surface.

(Provided by Sound Concierge Co., Ltd.)
  • Cut-off filter of wind noise for acoustic apparatus
  • Cut-off filter of POP noise
  • Windshield for microphone
  • Front grill of speaker unit
  • Soundproof wall
Waterproof Cap for Acoustic
Measurement Apparatus
(Provided by ACO Co., Ltd.)
Folding All Weather Wind Screen
for Wind Power Generation
(Provided by ACO Co., Ltd.)

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