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The unique optical film with fine pillar structure is effective for the increase of brightness or the improvement of visibility of liquid crystalline display (LCD) and projection screen.

  • Diffusion film with the uniform micro pillar structure in vertical direction of film.
  • Incident angle dependent diffusion properties with micro pillar structure.
  • Arbitrary design of the angle of diffusion and transmission light in terms of the tilting direction of micro pillar structure.
  • Compatibility of high haze and total light transmission of light without backward diffusion.
Diffusing property of our special diffuse film “Light Control film (LCF)” contributes to the enhancement of visibility for not only reflective-type Display (color /monochrome) but also projection-type display (Projector screen, Combiner for Head up display).
Especially for application to a reflective-type display, it can realize both features of ultra-low power consumption and “paper-like display easy to eyes”, “bright and clear images under sunlight conditions”,
Our special diffuse film “LCF” is adapted to a reflective-type color LCD which is developed by JDI (Japan Display Inc.).

Japan Display

<Photograph of cross section>
 Parallel incident light to the structure is selectively diffused while the rest of light is easily transmitted. Spherical particle diffusing films do not show incident angle dependent diffusion.

  • Extension of viewing angle of LCD
  • Improvement of brightness transflective LCD
  • High luminance improved projection screen
  • Window sticking film

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