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Offer a variety of sheets effective for electronic noise reduction for electronic equipments and devices.


 Ability to develop and offer noise reducing sheet materials. Various sheet technologies can be produced in relation for the density increase and high-speed transmission of a wire circuit in electronic device.

  • Excellent slurry coating and thick powder loading on sheets through the experience of the production of magnetic ticket and archiving media.
  • Sheeting of a wide variety of powders and fibers with magnetic or conductive properties.
  • Offer the designing of adhesive layer or composite material.
  • Offer customized products in accordance with the requirement including post process such as lamination, press, and slitting.
  • Further development to improve properties such as high-frequency shielding..
◇Noise Suppression Sheet(HyperShieldTM)
  • Excellent noise suppression effects with ability to attach adhesive materials.
  • Higher permeability enhances noise suppression effects, even with thinner thickness.
  • Meets Flame Resistance Standard UL94-V0.

Hyper Shield TM is the trademark of Daido Steel Co., Ltd.

 ◇Electromagnetic Wave Shield Sheet
(Stainless Fiber Sheet)
  • Porous woven sheet consist of SUS316L fiber
  • Thermal stability, corrosion resistance
  • Use on flexible printed circuit
TEST : Boeing Electromagnetic Effects Laboratory

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