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Product name Tomoe River
Outline This product was developed in response to the market's need for a paper lighter and thinner than currently available high grade or coated papers to reduce weight as well as mailing costs for catalogues.

[Thin and lightweight]

Tomoe River (High gloss)
- Has a printability close to that of coated paper, as is most suitable for mail order catalogues that use mainly colour photographs.
- Can significantly reduce weight of catalogues
- More pages can be sent with the same postage fee.

Tomoe River (Mat)
Used for making thick & heavy catalogues, manuals, and mailing lists lightweight and compact!
- Can significantly reduce postage costs, in particular for overseas mailings
- Makes products easier to carry
- Reduces the storage space required
- The number of pages can be increased without adding volumes
- Easy to view fine matte finish. Most suitable for dictionaries or contracts.

Tomoe River (Pocket Book)
- Makes bulky pocket books lightweight and smart!
- More information can be printed in the same thickness

Recycle River
An "Ecomark" designated product (contains at least 50% recycled paper

[Thick but lightweight]

Tomoe River(N)
Thick, but lightweight!
- Significantly reduce the weight of manuals without loosing thickness or feel of premium quality
- Succeeded in providing the same thickness as matte coated paper with a significant reduction in weight.

- A neutral paper with low deterioration
- Multi-colour printing is possible
- Thin and lightweight, or thick and lightweight
- High opacity ... low strike through of printed materials
- Rigid ... easy to print and bind
- Can reduce mailing costs
- Other special characteristics
-- Uses essential chlorine free (ECF) pulp
-- Raw materials carefully selected in order to protect the natural resources of forests.
-- Flexible deliveries are possible
Technologies used - Papermaking technology
- Paper coating technology
- Paper design technology (printability control technology)
Data Basis weight 33 - 85g/m2
We can be consulted with about basis weights

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