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Electronics age
TOMOEGAWA technology makes a great leap into the worldwide market
Developing the related products that has become the international standard for electronic devices and semiconductors
Historical background
Rapid growth in electronic equipment and semiconductor markets

As various electric and electronic products spread to the market, high density and high integration of semiconductors made rapid progress. Advanced electrical engineering was required such as electrical insulation between minute circuits, durability and dimensional stability, and moreover, cutting-edge polymer electronic materials with superior electrical insulation were demanded.

Developed products
“Lead Frame Fixing Tape” which became the basis of International Standard
High-performance electronic component materials that support the electronics industry
High-performance electronic component materials that support the electronics industry

Since entering into the business of polarizing film adhesion processing under clean environment in 1977, TOMOEGAWA tried to adopt its newly acquired technology of coating & laminating under clean environment into the market of electronic materials. In 1984, TOMOEGAWA succeeded in original development of "Lead Frame Fixing Tape" used inside the semiconductor package by taking advantage of the electrical insulating technology cultivated over many years with the electric insulating paper. The highly reliable “Lead Frame Fixing Tape”, proven by TOMOEGAWA’s outstanding technology, was positioned as a designated product by IC manufacturers all over the world, and has become the basis of international standard.

Elephant R7 series 'Lead frame fixing tape' Elephan FC 'TAB tape' Optical parts inspection process


500 Yen coin began circulation
In 1984, TOMOEGAWA EUROPE B.V. was established in Amsterdam, the Netherlands, for the purpose of expanding sales of coated products and toner in the European region.  Expansion into the global market started with the establishment of TOMOEGAWA (U.S.A.) INC. in 1978 and expanded from North America to Europe.


Established Tomoegawa Europe B. V. in Amsterdam, the Netherlands, and started sales of toner and processed paper products

Satellite broadcasting started


Built the 2nd chemical-products factory for toner filling

Japan National Railways started sales of an orange card
Nuclear meltdown at Chernobyl, Soviet Union
Japan National Railways were privatized


Established Tomoegawa Converting Co., Ltd. and Tomoegawa Logistics Service Co, Ltd.

Seikan Tunnel and Seto Long Bridge opened
Demise of The Emperor Hirohito; Heisei era began
In 1989, the first building was completed at Shimizu Works.  Started full-scale production of electronic component materials and magnetic products as a semiconductor-related product factory.


Built a dedicated factory for electronic parts materials and magnetic recording products at Shimizu Works


Products and Technology

Semi-synthesis Insulating paper for super-ultra high voltage power cables (275kV)

Increased page online passbook paper

Super light weight printing paper

Thin, lightweight, non-set-off printing paper 'Tomoe River' suitable for catalogs, manuals and notebooks.
Bus common magnetic coupon

In 1992, a polarizing plate adhesive processing factory for liquid crystal displays was completed.  It was named 'MEC-1 (Mochimune Electronics Component)' because of the meaning of the first factory building of the electronic parts material business in Mochimune area.


Built a dedicated factory for adhesive tape for LCD at Mochimune Works

The Great Hanshin Earthquake hit Kobe
In 1995, Shingu Factory was closed due to withdrawal from the pulp business.  The photo shows the factory manager who pressed the stop button on the recovery boiler.


Closed Shingu Works and withdrew from pulp business

Nagano Winter Olympics were held
Semi-synthesis Insulating paper for super-ultra high voltage power cables (800kV)

Stainless fiber sheet, Fluorine fiber sheet

Stainless fiber sheet and filter using it.In 1991, a small special paper machine called N machine was installed.Using this paper machine, stainless fiber sheets and fluorine fiber sheets were developed.
Powder paint

Special paper for inkjet

LR film for LCD, AG film for LCD

Colored adhesive film for CRT

Ion exchange fiber sheet

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