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TOMOEGAWA Explained in 1 minute

This is a concise introduction to what kind of company TOMOEGAWA is

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On this page we will present a concise introduction to TOMOEGAWA.

1) What kind of company is "TOMOEGAWA" (TOMOEGAWA Co., Ltd.)?

In a word, it is a manufacturer of "Interim materials". By manufacturing a variety of materials and supplying them to our customers who are attempting to create new products and innovations in an easy-to-use form, you could say we are a company that solves our customers' problems.
We are also one of the few paper manufacturing companies that are "Chemists who also understand electricity". We also possess a great deal of "manufacturing" which we are proud of, including our adhesive with extremely high electrical resistance, our thermosetting adhesive technology, our coating technology which coats uniformly, our technology to spread special substances like stainless steel and calcium carbonate onto paper, and more.

2) What was the background behind the company's establishment?

In the 1910s as the construction of Japan's electrical power and telecommunications network progressed, "Electrical insulating paper", a vital material for this construction, was being imported from Germany. However, with the outbreak of the First World War, imports from Germany stopped, and securing these became an urgent matter.
The first president, Genzaburo Inoue, took one piece of the German-made paper as a sample, and after thorough analysis and experimentation he deduced the material and production method, succeeding in making electrical insulating paper producible domestically.
In 1914, TOMOEGAWA was established in present day Shimizu district, Shizuoka city, and began to manufacture electrical insulating paper and telecommunications paper.

3) How has TOMOEGAWA evolved in its 100 years.

Since succeeding in domestically producing electrical insulating paper, TOMOEGAWA has made a name for itself through "Specialty paper by TOMOEGAWA". During its period of rapid growth, it also expanded into plastic, etc. in addition to paper. In addition to being known as a "Major manufacture specializing in toner" thanks to its continued successful production of printer toner, it has also received high praise for its development, manufacture, etc. of magnetic tickets, earning a reputation as "TOMOEGAWA that makes recording paper". Subsequently it became known as "TOMOEGAWA that makes lead frame fixing tape", which was created as a part of its clean coating, becoming a company acknowledged around the world. Currently we are challenging the new field of "Heat/Electricity/Electromagnetic waves Control Materials".

4) What is the current makeup of the business?

There are 2 segments--the plastic materials processing business and the paper-making/coated paper-related business.
In plastic materials processing  we are developing business such as display related products, electronics related products, and microparticle products (toner), while in paper-making and coated paper we are developing business such as functional paper and special paper.

5) What are your products with domestic shares and world shares? (Only、No.1)

"We have developed many products and technologies with high domestic and world shares as a "Development company striving for innovation together with our customers.
For example, our "Lead frame fixing tape", which is essential in all IT and electronics products, is a heat resistant tape with high electric reliability and superior adhesion. The world's largest semiconductor manufacturers specifically use our company's product, and its world share is greater than 90%
Furthermore, our company, being a world leading manufacturer specializing in toner, has designed, produced, and sells several hundred kinds of toner. In the design and development of toner, we can meet all of your toner needs including full color toner, small particle size/sphericized toner which enables high image quality, and low energy fixation type toner.

6) What is the source of TOMOEGAWA's competitive edge and its strengths?

We have expanded our operations by demonstrating our electrical properties evaluation technology and 4 core technologies (paper making, coating, powder, and adhesive technologies), as well as combinations thereof.
Today, as the IoT (Internet of Things) advances, our processes of "Making paper", "Coating paper", and "Making + Coating paper" supporting the IoT with related applicable products are receiving attention as our company's strength. Having both Specialty paper (functional paper manufacturer) + Precision coating technology (electronic parts manufacturer) is TOMOEGAWA's unique strength. In noise and EMC countermeasures, we can provide approaches of "Making paper" and "Making + Coating paper" for customers who have reached the limits of traditional "Coating".
Furthermore, we can also utilize the knowledge we have accumulated regarding selection and control of raw materials and powders, coating agents to apply (adhesives), and our processing technology.

7) What is your mid-term strategy?

Accepting "IoT" as the tide of the times, we can expect big things from noise/malfunction prevention via heat processing, electricity and electromagnetic wave control as miniaturization and weight reduction of electronic equipment and support for higher voltages, more current, and high frequencies continue to be in demand. By providing "Heat/Electricity/Electromagnetic waves Control Materials", which demonstrates TOMOEGAWA's strengths, and related solutions, we are on the road to "Building a foundation for our next 50 years".
Furthermore, we are accelerating our expansion not only in Japan but overseas, and will continue to grow further as a global company.
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