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Offices & Plants

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JAPAN Shingu Forestry Office Shimizu Works Shizuoka Works Osaka Sales Office Head Office TOPPAN TOMOEGAWA OPTICAL FILMS CO.,LTD. Nippon Card Co., Ltd. Shoei Printing Co., Ltd. TOMOEGAWA LOGISTICS SERVICE CO., LTD. TOMOEGAWA CONVERTING CO.,LTD. Sanwa Co., Ltd. NIHON RIKA SEISHI CO., LTD.

Europe,America,Asia TOMOEGAWA(U.S.A.)INC. Tomoegawa Europe B.V. TOMOEGAWA HONG KONG CO., LIMITED. Tomoegawa Imaging Technology (Huizhou) Co., Ltd. Nissai Imaging Technology (Jiujiang) Co.,Ltd. Tomoegawa Korea Co.,Ltd. TOMOEGAWA Aura India Pvt. Ltd. TOMOEGAWA TAIWAN CO.,LTD. Tomoegawa Co Middle East Tomoegawa (Guangzhou) International Trading Co., Ltd.

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