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Message from the President

■ GREETING Results of FY2017

Yoshio Inoue The world economy overall in 2017 showed mild but steady growth, and Japanese economy is also on track of recovery. Under such circumstances, our worldwide toner business has been adding sales volume and new product introduction throughout the year. Sales of the tapes used in semiconductor manufacturing process have been strong during the whole year. Also, business of optical film products used for Flat Panel Display (FPD) experienced a large increase of incoming orders compared to that of previous FY, thanks to new product launches and newly started contract manufacturing services. In addition, sales of the functional paper business surpassed the sales of last FY, even when the markets of several existing products keep shrinking. This increase was achieved with the intense sales effort and new product sales. These positive contributions were large enough to record revenues of ¥34,374 million, which was ¥1,994 million or +6.2% higher than that of the previous FY. This revenue increase includes ¥814 million effect of the accounting period change of our subsidiaries in China, where FY end for consolidation is moved from December to March. The revenue increase should have been +3.6% even without this effect. As for the profit, our consolidated Operating Income was ¥984 million (+¥120 million, +14.0%), even though we are forced to record “Consolidation Adjustment due to Yen appreciation” of ¥190 million. The negative effect of Yen appreciation on Operating Income became significant in the fourth quarter. Still, we were capable to achieve improvement of earnings. Factors contributed to that achievement are continuation of high level capacity utilization throughout the year, cost reduction efforts such as electricity usage reduction and timely reaction to changes in surrounding circumstance, and continuous effort of productivity improvement.

At Ordinary Income level, the foreign exchange gain reached ¥200 million, that includes the reversal of the aforementioned ¥190 million “Consolidation Adjustment due to Yen appreciation”. Such positive effects brought consolidated Ordinary Income up to ¥1,107 million (+¥642 million, +138.1%).

Net Income attributable to owners of parent company (Net Income) was ¥418 million (+¥165 million, +65.4%), as we recorded Extraordinary Losses of ¥149 million for demolition cost of old infrastructure and ¥236 million for real estate value impairment.

■ Outlook of FY2018

Upcoming FY (FY2018, April 2018 to March 2019), will be the final year of TOMOEGAWA’s current Mid-Term Management Plan. During this FY, we will invest our resources into prioritized target areas of control materials for heat, electricity and electromagnetic wave. We will also accelerate the research and development of new products that can contribute to the accomplishment of goals set in the 7th Mid-Term Management Plan (FY2019 to 2021).

In addition, we will make sure that TOMOEGAWA’s return to the growth path during FY2017 will continue by market-oriented improvement and maintenance of production system, fundamental improvement of existing businesses, aggressive marketing efforts, energy cost reduction through introduction of co-generation power unit, and effort to improve productivity. FY2018 sales target is ¥35 billion, up 1.8% from FY2017 sales and up 4.3%, when aforementioned China accounting change effect of ¥814 million is excluded from FY2017 numbers. We will achieve this goal by new product launches and production capacity expansion in businesses of FPD related products and tape products used in semiconductor production process, enhanced sales effort in toner business using our worldwide production capability as marketing tool, and active sales promotion and steady new product launches in functional paper business.

As for FY2018 profit, estimated Operating Profit is ¥1,000 million, +1.6% from FY2017 numbers, and estimated Ordinary Profit is ¥950 million (△14.2%). Investment for facilities and personnel will lead to temporal cost increase before profit increase happens, and we set estimated Foreign Exchange rate at conservative 1$ = ¥105. Those factors are the basis of these estimated profits. Net Income estimation is ¥300 million (△28.3%), because we plan to record cost of old equipment demolition work, which is necessary to make room for new capital investment.

As for the prospective dividend payment in FY2018, since we schedule to make 5 to 1 share consolidation on October 1, 2018, We would like to continue the stable dividend payment by increasing the per share dividend to 25 Yen from current 5 Yen.

Your continuous support of TOMOEGAWA will be greatly appreciated.
President & CEO
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