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Analysis/Evaluation Technology

We utilize a variety of analysis technology to provide support for product development and maintain and improve quality.

AnalysisWe advance analysis technology for not only paper but also resin, rubber, hazardous substances, etc., in order to support product development, engineering inspection, and quality assurance for our company's wide array of products. TOMOEGAWA Analysis Center is engaged in external contract, as we desire to be helpful to our customers. An analysis facility which has acquired certification for domestic standards and ISO9001:ISO14001, we have also acquired ISO/IEC17025 laboratory accreditation  (for physical tests on paper and analysis of resin, rubber, paper, harmful substances, etc.)

TOMOEGAWA Analysis Center.

TOMOEGAWA Analysis Center

The TOMOEGAWA Analysis Center is the analysis department of TOMOEGAWA Co., Ltd., which was founded over 100 years ago, and is the only contract analysis facility at a paper company in Japan.

We engage in a wide range of fields including "Environment related fields" such as EU regulated substances analysis, asbestos analysis, and work environment measurements, as well as morphological observation, nano-level surface analysis, composition analysis, structural analysis, paper analysis, etc., and we work promptly.

TOMOEGAWA Analysis Center website (Japanese Only)

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