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Lid for Hermetic Seal Package




ELEPHANE®CS is LID for hermetic seal package using epoxy resin, which is superior in the airtightness. Resin sealing is seal method can plan low hardening time, temperature and low process cost difficult in soldering and brazing sealing process with various device package demanding high reliability. Various LIDs (Glass, Plastic, Metal and Ceramic) are pre-coated a seal agent, and controlled half hardening state (B-stage) "ELEPHANE®CS"that meets customers various needs.

2.Typical Applications

  • Imaging device.
    Image sensor such as the CCD and CMOS.
  • Optical device.
    Semiconductor laser, Light emitting diode, Optical pick-up parts.
  • High frequency device
    SAW filter, Crystal oscillator.
  • Optical communication device.
    Optical fiber, Optical modulator.
  • MEMS package.
    Acceleration sensor, Angular velocity sensor, Pressure sensor.
  • Various in-vehicle package.
  • Others, various hermetic seal package.


  • Pre-coated half-hardening (B-stage) resin.*
    Coat on various LIDs and offer with half-hardening stage. It is tack free and contributes simplification of seal process in a customer.
  • High airtightness, High heat and humidity resistance.
    The adhesive designed package sealing only herd at low temperature and time, haves high airtightness, high heat and riff low resistance.
  • Support in various design and substrate.
    By the precision coating technology, Support in various coating designs and substrates.

4.Coated Technology

  • Special screen printing technology.
    Coating technology is requiring a high dimensions precision. In our company, comes true a low cost collective process using screen printing technology with cultivated many years.
  • Reaction control technology.
    By the ELEPHANE CS is heat processing after coat liquid state adhesive on a substrate, which is supplying at B-stage, optimize and improve in customer's process.
  • Precision technology, Coating process technology.
    Others, It support in coating technology, dicing process, affix process with specifications of a customer flexibly.
  • Particle control, Inspection technology.
    All processes are performed in clean room, and by a thorough dust control and inspection technology of several micron class supply a high clean products.

5.Technical Information