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Electronics Parts

High performance electronics components materials to support the electronics industry

TOMOEGAWA's advanced technological ability creates electronics related products widely used in IT (information technology), the home electronics industry, etc. One example of this is our "lead frame fixing tape", which makes our worldwide share unshakable through our advanced insulation technology. In the electronic industry, where progress is made daily such as "wearable devices" and IOT" which are not receiving attention, we strive to further gain the trust of our customers using our technological and development abilities.

Tape/adhesive sheets

Lead Frame Fixing Tape
Elephane R series
De fact standard in affixing inner lead pins
Adhesive Tape for QFN
Elephane A-T5
Adhesive tape for QFN packages to prevent resin leaking
Adhesive Tape for TAB
Elephane FC
Best adhesive tape for TAB with higher reliability

Parts processing

Elephane CS
Various LIDs provided in pre-coated seal and with controlled half hardening state adhesives
Electrostatic Chuck
Elephane TAD
Used as electrostatic chuck in wafer processing and holding LCD substrate
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