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Malfunction prevention materials group which prevents heat and noise from electronic parts maximally "Utilizes" the features

Manifesting the "Electrical physicality evaluation technology" and process of "Paper making" and "Coating" which it has cultivated over more than 100 years since inventing the "Electrical insulating paper", technology provides solutions which prevent heat and noise from electronic parts maximally "Utilizes” the features and responds to the needs of our customers such as their issues and concerns.
At the same time, we are expanding our "iCas" brand products, created from our company's production and development ability as a seeds-oriented approach, and are making efforts to contribute to more specific malfunction prevention measures for our customers.

Regarding "TOMOEGAWA's Heat/Electricity/Electromagnetic waves Control" and the "iCas" brand, please see "Why is paper used as a countermeasure for heat/EMC/noise in electronic equipment?"


New absorbing sheets which support millimeter-wave radar bands
iCas KR
Thermosetting adhesive sheet of polyimide/epoxy resin combined with inorganic filler
Low-induction thermosetting adhesive sheets which support next-generation high-speed transmission  

A thermal conduction gel sheet that maintains high thermal conductivity rate and improves sheet strength



A thermosetting isotropic conductive adhesive sheet that demonstrates high shielding


Through integral molding/processing with film including functional fiber, functionalization to surfaces and cross sections is easy
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