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Research and development (New theme development)

We are pushing forward with the creation of new products and new business as a "development-oriented company with all employees’ participation"

TOMOEGAWA's R&D has been sent out numerous world-first and first-in-Japan products by strengthening our core technologies including processing technology, formulating technology, and evaluation technology, and fusing new materials and new technologies. Focusing management resources on the priority fields of "heat/electricity/electromagnetic waves control materials", from April 2016 we have established a new organization, the "Research, Marketing & Business Development Division", aiming to centrally conduct matching of our company's core technologies with our customers' needs. We propose a variety of solutions to meet a diverse array of needs in a timely manner while working to cultivated innovated products and technological seeds.

Research and development policy of TOMOEGAWA

Expected effects of investing management resources into priority fields

Research, Marketing & Business Development Division Organization

Base: Inside the Shizuoka Plant

Main Facilities & Equipment


Photo: Millimeter-wave band measurement facilities (free space method)

Human resource training system/human resource training education

Human resource training policy for research and development jobs

Our company strives to train "autonomous human resources" based on our slogan of "development company where all employees participate". In addition to basic planning of education in the HR group for the entire company's research and development staff, we also implement the following training aiming to improve organizational power toward the creation of new products.

1) Activities to learn the foundation/basics of research and development
We conduct activities including OFF-JT education to learn the foundation/basics of material knowledge, scientific knowledge, industrial knowledge, scope of behavior standards, patent applications, technology management, business strategy, etc., in-house technological announcements, various seminars for forming personal connections, academic meetings, participation in meetings for interchange with other industries, etc.

2) OJT given by instructors specializing in the field
Usually, the instructors give OJT education directly for a certain period at the place where it is implemented (on-site).

Case example: Holding of all-company development forum

An all-company development forum is held as an effort to learn the foundations/basics of research and development, interact with workers, and further expanding innovative activities.

1) Purpose

Visualization of "development/technology" and effective utilization of technology.

2) Aims

TOMOEGAWA's technology is extremely diverse and also specialized.
If each person comprehends the technology which the entire company is undertaking and therein we can engage in a variety of discussions, the deepening of technology and growth of technicians will be achieved, and the potential for effective utilization of technology will also broaden.
The development forums are held about 4 times per year, poster session formats and presentation formats, etc. are incorporated as curriculum.

Research presentations

Poster sessions

Case example: Intellectual property training

1) Intellectual property strategy

Our company's intellectual property strategy is active based on the slogan of "the entire company coming together to utilize intellectual property, construct an appropriate entry barrier to our company's business field, and establishing an advantageous position in the market" as our 6th medium-term management plan policy. Especially in order to create an entry barrier for competition, we conduct activities striving to acquire intellectual property rights, which are a part of our new products business strategy, from the development stage.
Specifically, we are engaged in ① promotion of acquisition of intellectual property rights in important fields (iCas), ② accumulation and management of know-how in the same field, ③ effective utilization of retained intellectual property, ④ strengthening of intellectual property related training, ⑤ application development of intellectual property information analysis methods, etc., as important policies.

2) Intellectual property training <management layer, technology jobs (research and development jobs), training per each sales job>
As training to realize our intellectual property strategy, regarding ① methods of utilizing intellectual property, ② strengthening of contract/negotiation power, and ③ dissemination of information on our company's intellectual property, we are implementing information sharing and education and training per each occupation and level.
In the management layer there are discussions at an intellectual property status liaison meeting, and for technical positions we implement study meetings in 3 year cycles, while for sales positions we conduct training centering on fundamental knowledge on intellectual property overall, trademarks, and non-competition laws, as well as aid for acquiring qualifications for Certified Specialists of Intellectual Property Management.

Technological portfolio

Please see"introduction of technologies"for information on each technology
Category Paper-making operations Adhesion/coating operations Powder operations

Formulation technology

Design of functional fibers and inorganic pigment support sheets

Design of high heat resistance, high insulation, adhesives, and design of hardening resin

Design of combustible resins

Processing technology

Refining, wet paper making, calendar, impregnation

Dispersion, prepared liquids, thick film/thin film/UV coating, laminate, slit

Kneading, pulverization, grading, mixing

Evaluation technology

Heat characteristics, electrical characteristics, physical characteristics, viscoelasticity characteristics, shape observation, surface analysis, component analysis of very small quantities, composition analysis, environment analysis

Formulation technology: Technology that creates new value which is the source of product differentiation through cooperative industry with clients, etc. to become core technology

Processing technology: Fundamental in supporting our company’s business, core technology that can promptly respond to client needs

Evaluation technology: Supports product development and quality maintenance and improvement making use of diverse evaluation technology

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