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Supply/Logistics System

We have constructed a prompt, all-encompassing logistics system to cover everything up to delivery to our customers.

Policies/Ideals of supply/Logistics

At TOMOEGAWA group, we have constructed a logistics system to be more prompt and provide more peace of mind, covering everything from in-house work to transport, storage, and delivery, run by our logistics subsidiary "TOMOEGAWA Logistics Service Co., Ltd."

TOMOEGAWA Logistics Service was formed in October 1993 when "TOMOEGAWA Transport Warehouse Co., Ltd.", which was founded in 1965 to be in charge of nation-wide delivery of various products, and "TOMOEGAWA Logistics Service Co., Ltd.", which was founded in 1989 to be in charge of storage and shipping control of products, and it now has over a half century of history.

As a member of TOMOEGAWA Group, all the employees are continuing to work hard to make us a source of trust and reliability, optimizing logistics and increasing efficiency by adopting IT while also meeting deadlines and maintaining quality.

Description of business

Shipping management

Working hand in hand with each production control department, manufacturing site, and sales department, it is responsible for reception, storage, and shipping of products. It takes especially great care in making sure deadlines to customers are met.

Our company's warehouses

It efficiently stores TOMOEGAWA's products, semiprocessed goods, raw materials, and other cargo without adversely affecting the quality. It has constructed bases at the Shizuoka and Shimizu plants.


Creating a variety of forms of transport to meet various purposes such as long-distance transport of products, mid-distance piston transport, door-to-door short distance deliveries, and supply shipments of raw materials, the highly experienced staff has the right person in the right place to respond to logistics needs.
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