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Innovative R&D activities and superior production processes meet clients' various needs


TOMOEGAWA is a development type company which develops and possesses many first-in-the-world and first-in-Japan products and technologies. Since its founding, its strength has been as "Chemists who also understand electricity", and it has expanded mainly to electronics business, unparalleled as a paper manufacturer.

Since inventing electrical insulating paper and telecommunications paper, it has cultivated both "Paper making" and "Coating" processes based on "Electrical properties evaluation technology" for over 100 years. Continuing to advances our development ability, technical ability and "Manufacturing", we also provide services in the research and development process and production process rather than being limited to simply providing products.

Always responding to the diverse needs of the times, we work diligently to improve customer satisfaction levels as a pioneer that continues to create new value.

Introduction to TOMOEGAWA's "Manufacturing"

TOMOEGAWA works to strengthen formulation and processing technology and fuse new materials and new technologies as a "Development company where all employees participate", striving to be the first and best product creator in the world.
Prioritizing the spirit of "Safety before profits", we strive for internationally competitive "Manufacturing" and are continuing efforts to strengthen production sites through various measures.

Acquisition of ISO9001 certification by all departments of the TOMOEGAWA Group. Working toward "Achieving desirable results", we are advancing our product creation to maintain higher quality.

We advance analysis technology for not only paper but also resin, rubber, hazardous substances, etc., in order to support product development and quality improvement for our company's wide array of products.

We have constructed warehouses and a logistics network by our company's group and established a storage/delivery system to meet your needs. We have constructed a logistics system to provide our customers with more peace of mind until the product arrives to them.
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