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Copper Fiber Sheet

100% copper fiber sheet that makes full use of papermaking technology

This functional sheet is for high-current electronic devices, and it realizes thinning, weight reduction and design freedom.


Copper Fiber Sheet

[Copper Superiority]

Electric Conductivity
•100% copper fiber composition
•high electric conductivity

Thermal Conductivity(Heat Dissipation)
•high specific surface area by porous structure
•high air permeability
•thermal conductivity by copper material

[Paper Superiority]

Flexibility/Cushioning characteristic
•paper like flexibility
•cushioning by porous structure

•easy to cut with scissors shape processing such as bending and molding
•high precision processing
•various surface treatment

•porosity control
•thinness ≦100μm
•approximately 1/4 lightness of bulk (foil) at the same volume