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Impact-Absorption Film

Product customization the depends on application.


HC (Hard Coat) layer with silicon glue, this film will be applied on the device screen perfectly.
Customize in various ways depending on the application.

Film Structure
※Arrange with your top film


Characteristics Item Characteristics Value Reference
Total Thickness
(Except Release Film)
HC Characteristics on surface Finger-print Proof
Water and Oil-repellent
Impact Adsorption layer Urethane resin 195μm  
The iron ball drop test
by Gorilla galass
No cracking dropped 110g
iron ball from 15m height
Cracked from 80cm height
at the gorilla glass without film
SmartPhone Operation with film No issue  
Adhesive force 5~10g/25mm Silicon or Urethane adhesive
※Gorilla (GORILLA) glass is a registered trademarks or trademarks of Corning.


Smart Phone
Mobile Phone
Tablet, PC for Surface Protect