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Specialty Papers

The special paper product group of TOMOEGAWA, which contributes to society in a variety of fields

Founded in 1914 as a pioneer in special industrial paper, TOMOEGAWA quickly succeeded in changing electrical insulating paper and telecommunications paper to domestic production, after which it created many innovative product groups. From industrial use "electrical insulating paper " and medical use "disinfecting paper" to "ultra-lightweight printing paper", which is used often in our daily lives, the special paper products of today have accomplished compositing of paper with other materials and utilization in peripheral technologies, and we are active in a variety of fields.

For Printing Usage

超軽量印刷用紙 文房具用品 トモエリバーFP
A paper with especially the properties of few set-offs without being blurred and of smooth writing

Information Recording Sheet

Various sheet for various needs

トレーシングペーパー ブルーZトレーシング、TOMY-Z
Tracing Paper
Popular tracing paper for drawing and PPC usage

For Industrial Usage


Insulating Paper

Higher marketing share insulating paper for communication and power cables
Conductive Paper
Superior in light shielding and electro-charge protection
吸水紙 吸水シート 新鮮太郎
Absorbing Paper
Easy handling water and oil absorbing paper
滅菌紙 医療用包装紙

Sterilization Bag Paper

Packaging products increasing medical safety and sanitary conditions
剥離紙・剥離紙用原紙 レリーズ
Release Paper
Easy handling release paper
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