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Production Technology

We pursue "manufacturing power" striving for production sites which are internationally competitive

Production technology

At the "Production technology HQ", which is in charge of manufacturing TOMOEGAWA's product groups, all employees are working together on efforts toward forming a workplace which is internationally competitive based on the motto of "Putting safety before profits".

In order to make our production sites "Compassionate workplaces", we are actively developing small group activities and in combination with the vitalization of communication at each production site, we are increasing the desire to create production sites that are bright and filled with confidence.

The mission of the production technology HQ

At TOMOEGAWA, because we produce a wide array of product groups safely and with high quality and consider our "On-site ability" and "Production technology" to be our internationally competitive edge, the production technology HQ has unified and integrated everything from entry to exit and works hard to provide products to our customers with a sense of responsibility.

At the production technology HQ, we have integrated all departments relating to production such as engineering, raw materials, manufacturing, and logistics, all centered around our "Production technology committee".

The "Production technology committee", which is the core, is a group of specialists that will make efforts towards specific issues in production technology. One of its objectives is to vitalize information sharing and communication between the production sites, and it is active a cross-departmental and open organization.

"Formulation technology", "Engineering technology", and "Equipment technology" are especially clearly classified, and while working to strengthen them respectively we pursue increased product performance and quality with these three as a trinity.

Training human resources for the production technology HQ

Further promoting the sharing of technology and know-how which we have cultivated over the more than 100 years since our founding as well as our organization and horizontal development and creating an environment where knowledge and experience can continue to be accumulated and passed down indefinitely is also a mission of this HQ.

  • Striving to raise the standard of our "On-site ability", we have developed a variety of employee training.
  • We are working to train the production technology specialists and essential on-site personnel who will be in charge of the TOMOEGAWA production sites of tomorrow.
  • The personnel change of the production technology staff, we plan to improve and advance our production technology.
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