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Functional Sheets

"Multilayer coating technology" and "special paper making technology" expand the possibilities of "sheets"

TOMOEGAWA is creating a large number of products which lead the industry, including "ink jet paper" and "magnetic tickets" via multilayer coating technology, "fluorine fiber sheets" and "stainless steel fiber sheets" utilizing special paper making technology. Not being limited to this product range derived from paper and the material of paper, we are exploring limitless possibilities by adding functions to various sheets.

Information Printing Material

We have been distributing the polyethylene non-woven fabric from Dupont known as TYVEK for almost 30 years.
Thermal Recording Paper
Popular recording medium for labels and fax machines, using thermal/heat to record,

Information Printing Material(color)

インクジェット用紙 インクジェットプリンター用紙
Inkjet Paper
Slick paper with clean and bright coloration
レーザープリンター用耐水紙 エコクリスタル
Laser Printer Paper


Water resistant printing paper

Magnetic Sheet Material

Magnetic Ticket
Usage is not limited to transportation system
Prepaid Card
Proposing various prepaid card systems that meet customers' needs

Special Fiber Sheet

フッ素繊維シート トミーファイレックF
Fluorine Fiber Sheet

Tomifleck F

Original sheet using fluorine fiber. Best use for filtration and separation process and electronics materials.
Stainless Fiber Sheet

Tomifleck SS

We are the only company in Japan to manufacture this extra fine stainless steel fiber

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