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Innovative R&D activities and superior production processes meet clients' various needs

製品イメージTOMOEGAWA is a development type company which develops and possesses many first-in-the-world and first-in-Japan products and technologies. Since its founding, its strength has been as "Chemists who also understand electricity", and it has expanded mainly to electronics business, unparalleled as a paper manufacturer.

Since inventing electrical insulating paper and telecommunications paper, it has cultivated both "Paper making" and "Coating" processes based on "Electrical properties evaluation technology" for over 100 years. Continuing to advances our development ability, technical ability and "Manufacturing", we also provide services in the research and development process and production process rather than being limited to simply providing products.

Always responding to the diverse needs of the times, we work diligently to improve customer satisfaction levels as a pioneer that continues to create new value.

Introduction of major formulation technology

It is a core technology group that creates new value as a source of product differentiation through collaboration with clients and others.
Design of inorganic pigment support sheets
Utilizing the abundant results of applying inorganic materials with superior light and heat resistance to the paper or film which serves as the base, we create the sheets that our customers desire.

Design of high heat resistance, high insulation, adhesives

We develop glue and adhesives with superior heat resistance and insulation utilizing TOMOEGAWA's proud electrical properties evaluation technology, realizing heat/electricity/
electromagnetic waves control and various demanded qualities.

Design of curable resin

To meet our customers' needs, TOMOEGAWA utilizes the technological ability we have cultivated from the design of UV curable monomers to functionalization such as UV cutting features and surface modification after film formation, etc.

Design of thermoplastic resins
From general purpose plastic to engineering plastic and super engineer plastic, we support all required qualities including not only hardening of resin, but adhesion, insulation, gluing heat dissipation, etc. based on abundant knowledge of thermoplastic resin and processing technology.

Introduction to major processing technology

This is the foundation which supports TOMOEGAWA's operations, and is a technology group which can promptly address client’s needs.


We possess technology to freely control pulp fiber length, which determines the basic qualities of paper, from the maximum to the minimum (micro-fiber ⇒ non-fiber). .

Paper Making

We utilize a variety of materials including wood pulp, inorganic fibers, synthetic fibers, and powders, to skillfully use the most suitable wet paper making facilities to satisfy the features demanded by our customers and provide sheet making technology to support a broad range of needs.
In the paper making process, we are able to control characteristics such as sheet thickness, density, smoothness, glossiness, etc., by passing it through the most suitable calendar roll.


Tomoegawa provides impregnation technology for functionalization of sheets such as paper with superior absorbent properties with various liquids. We also have the technology to design optimum impregnated paper adapted to the properties of the chemical solution to be impregnated.

Utilizing high efficiency dispersion technology, we fragment solid bodies such as pigments and resins and homogenize them with high precision.

Preparation of coating materials
By making use of the most suitable environment, equipment, and methods, we realize coating materials which can achieve product characteristic goals.
Thick film, thin film, UV coating

We coat the base film with glue, adhesives, paints, UV curable resins, etc. at the optimal thickness to meet the demanded qualities.


Affixing up to 1,400mm of film, etc. together is possible.



Slit the glue/adhesive sheet in units of 0.1mm.

We possess a variety of kneading equipment and technology to disperse pigments, binders, etc. minutely and uniformly.



We possess technology to pulverize mixed materials efficiently and minutely. In our toner, we also utilize shape level controlling technology to control the shape of particles from irregular to perfectly sphericales.


We possess technology to finely control the particle size distribution of minute particles to within the scope of the intended purpose. In pulverization method toner we offer highly detailed images by making the particle diameters uniform using this grading technology.

We possess a variety of mixing technology from mild mixing to material modification via high speed shearing, and we utilize this to enable the creation of highly functional products through the compositing of materials.


Introduction to major analysis technologies

We utilize a variety of analysis technology to provide support for product development and maintain and improve quality.
(Details provided on the TOMOEGAWA Analysis Center website "Jpanese Only")
Heat Analysis

ThermoGravimetric analysis: Differential Thermal Analysis(TG-DTA)

Heat analysis is essential in high polymer characteristic analysis. It is utilized in examining raw materials, inspecting products, etc.


Surface Analysis

X-ray Photoelectron Spectroscopic analysis equipment(XPS)

With the advancement of manufacturing technology, the issues of microscopic particles, peeling, and contamination of material surfaces have come to the fore. We can support thickness at the several-nano level.  

Composition Analysis

High-speed IR imaging analysis equipment

We can conduct non-destructive analysis of the composition of materials and microscopic mixtures. Analysis is possible with both inorganic and organic substances, and we provide accurate analysis results using our wealth of experience.


Inductively-Coupled Plasma: Mass Spectrometer(ICP-MS)
We are capable of microanalysis from the ppm (1 part per million) level to sub-microanalysis at the ppt (1 part per trillion) level.

Morphological Observation

Scanning Electron Microscope: Energy Dispersive X-ray spectrometry(SEM-EDX)

We make use of optical microscopes, electronic microscopes, etc. to enable us to observe laminated forms, microscopic contaminants, etc. Our proprietary section observation technology is especially speedy and can provide faithful images of actual objects.

Paper Analysis

(universal testing machine)
This is the starting point of the technology at the TOMOEGAWA Analysis Center. Please entrust us with creating paper from pulp, JIS standards tests, TAPPI tests, and other official tests for "Paper".

Environmental Analysis


This is an effective technology to "Protect valuable employees from work-related illnesses". Using our skill from the abundant experience we have cultivated in managing the work environment at our own company, we will provide support for managing your company's work environment.

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