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Toner Products

The world's No. 1 manufacture specializing in toner expanding operations globally

TOMOEGAWA started early pioneering work in the development of toner and micro-particle products utilized in copy machines, faxes, printers, etc., and has now become a world leading manufacturer specializing in toner. In addition to powder design technology which we have developed over many years, we respond to our customers' diverse needs in great detail using our advanced production system and quality assurance system as a core.

Fine Particle Materials

Magnetic Toner

Contributing to miniaturization and cost reduction of printing equipment
Non-Magnetic Toner
Contributing to development of high speed and smaller type printers
Full Color Toner
Answer to surging demand for full colorization

Newly Developed Toner

Lower energy fixable type toners leading to less consumption of electricity
Toners easily degradable are also under development.