Heat/Electricity/Electromagnetic waves Control Materials
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The One Stop Solution Provider for all issues in the control of Heat/Electricity/Electromagnetic waves.

  Try our expertise!

TOMOEGAWA's wide variety of products give solutions to combat core issues in the function of high tech products.

At TOMOEGAWA, we value our "Sincerity" and "Pioneer spirit" aiming to be the best partner for our clients to support them in various product stages from investigation to research, development, and mass production.

To cater to concerns and requests from our clients' for their products, we have launched the "Advanced Technology Office" in April 2015, to receive inquiries from clients at their convenience. It plays a useful role in promptly responding to our clients' development projects from the "Trial" stage, and refining the solutions and directionality together with the client.

In addition to our "Heat/Electricity/Electromagnetic waves Control" solutions for prevention of malfunction in electronic parts, please also feel free to inquire with us regarding materials for electronics and displays, toner for printers, specialty and functional paper (sheets), etc.

We will respond in conjunction of the business stage.

Try and suggestions
Please inquire with us for a simple consultation, projects which other companies refused to handle, matters which require urgent solutions, or exploring new methods, etc. At the "Advanced Technology Office (AO)", we will have an adequate hearing regarding your needs and demands, etc., and promptly provide you with a trial sample or a proposal.

Research and Planning
Centering around our "Research & Development Laboratory", we have expanded into commissioned research and joint development with various manufacturers, research facilities, universities, etc., and sent the products out into the world. We work hard toward creating development themes, developing new products and improving existing ones, functionalization, functional improvement, and more. We also look forward to utilizing our proprietary technology for "Compositing" projects and collaborations with clients in other industries and fields.

Product Planning and development
We will examine, design materials, analyze, make proposals from semi-orders of our company's existing products to customized orders or even developing new products to meet your needs, with a research and development staff that is well versed in the products and technology as your point of contact. We respond with our "Pioneer spirit", demonstrating TOMOEGAWA's electrical properties evaluation technology and 4 core technologies (paper making technology, powder technology, coating technology, and glue/adhesive technology).

Evaluation and analysis
Analysis technology which we have advanced in order to reliably support research and development, engineering inspection, and quality assurance for TOMOEGAWA's wide array of product groups. At our "Analysis Center" we are also proactively engaged in external contracts. This is the only contract analysis facility at a paper company in Japan. We engage in a wide range of fields including "Electronics related fields" such as EU regulated substances analysis, asbestos analysis, and work electronics measurements, as well as morphological observation, nano-level surface analysis, composition analysis, structural analysis, paper analysis, etc., and we work promptly.

Trial Production
We support our clients manufacturing of prototypes for their development projects. We also make use of the various large and small paper making and coating equipment to enable speedy manufacture of prototypes. Our company's research and development department and manufacturing department strives to cordially create the best products, from the selection of the raw materials to investigation of foreseeable problems during mass production, proposal of processing which will facilitate usability for our client's users, and more.

Mass Production
We use our company's various paper making and coating equipment to support proxy manufacture and mass production of our clients' products. Utilizing TOMOEGAWA's "Technology to produce many types of products in suitable quantities" which we have cultivated for over 100 years, we strive to manufacture the highest quality products. We not only have a quality assurance program in place, but we also have a full-fledged system on the distribution side to cover everything up to delivery of the products.