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How can paper be used to control
heat/EMC/noise in electronic equipment?

Use TOMOEGAWA's "Heat/Electricity/Electromagnetic Wave Controlling Materials"as solutions to solve your electronic parts issues!

In addition to IT progress through the proliferation of cloud and artificial intelligence, today wearable devices and IoT (Internet of Things) are also spreading rapidly. To meet the needs of the times, miniaturization, lightening, and increased power (high voltage, high current, and high frequencies) in electronics parts are increasingly becoming a requirement.

In such cases, measures against malfunction in electronic parts such as control of noise, heat dissipation, and electrical insulation, which can be called "Barriers of technology", is essential.

Utilizing the unique technological ability which TOMOEGAWA has cultivated for over 100 years and "iCas" related products, we contribute to prevention of breakage or malfunction of electronic parts due to "Heat, Electricity, and Electromagnetic waves".

Why is TOMOEGAWA's technology useful in preventing malfunctions in electronic parts?

1. 1. Electrical properties evaluation technology and 4 core technologies (paper making, coating, powder, and glue/adhesive technologies)

TOMOEGAWA was founded in June of 1914. The outbreak of the First World War resulted in a shortage of imports of electrical insulation paper, at which time the founder Genzaburo Inoue succeeded in domesticating the production of the electrical insulation paper using a single piece of the paper made in Germany. He subsequently contributed to the spread of the domestic electrical power network.

Since then, we have devoted ourselves to our "Electrical properties evaluation technology" and our 4 technologies. As a paper manufacturing company as well as "Chemists who also understand electricity", TOMOEGAWA has continued to create numerous world-first and first-in-Japan electronics products.

Since then, we have devoted ourselves to our "Electrical physicality evaluation technology" and our 4 technologies. As a paper manufacturing company as well as "Chemists who also understand electricity", TOMOEGAWA has continued to create numerous world-first and first-in-Japan electronics products.

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2. Precisely because it is paper, the technological ability to stay on the cutting edge with electrical physicality support.

"Paper" is a material made by mixing the fiber from wood and other plant materials and allowing it to harden to become thin and flat.

Paper is a material with a very long history, undergoing many improvements since "papyrus" in ancient Egypt and ancient Chinese paper, and has been high prized due mainly to its ability to store information. Even today paper continues to be used in a variety of everyday settings, including a variety of printer paper, note-taking paper, hygiene paper, wrapping paper, and paper used as construction materials.

At TOMOEGAWA, since succeeding in domestic production of "Electrical insulation paper" 100 years ago, we have created a large number of specialty papers. This company's history is also a history of cultivating our own way with a pioneering spirit, doing things that no other major domestic paper maker can do.

And by making traits of paper which are traditionally "Weaknesses" into "Strengths", we have also further strengthened the characteristics of paper, realizing a variety of products. TOMOEGAWA's purpose in creating special papers is to "Imbue paper with functions".

3. Products which are "Imbued with function", and the best partner for our customers

Special paper and functional sheet products created by TOMOEGAWA are sometimes used only with paper individually, but there are also many products that only fulfill their roles when used in operation together with electronic equipment and equipment. For this reason, we have been engaged in further deepening our electrical physicality evaluation technology and manufacturing to position TOMOEGAWA as the best partner for equipment and machinery makers who handle electricity.

In order to create these kinds of special paper, TOMOEGAWA has cultivated design ability to freely handle ever-changing wide-ranging electrical physicality, development ability, processing technology and manufacturing technology.

In order to cultivate new uses and markets, we will work to sincerely respond to all of our manufacturing clients' needs.

Heat/Electricity/Electromagnetic Wave Controlling solutions only available from TOMOEGAWA

TOMOEGAWA's unique strengths include not only the "Paper-making technology" which we have introduced, but also "Coating technology". As a company which possesses both special paper (functional paper manufacturer) and  precision coating technology (electronic parts manufacturer), we have combined our powder technology and glue/adhesive technology even further to provide a variety of high performance materials to manufacturers both in Japan and abroad.

In addition to offering the processes of "Making" and "Coating" paper both individually and in combination, we at TOMOEGAWA also demonstrate knowledge and control of the raw materials, powders and coating agents (glue/adhesives), and processing technology, doing our utmost to be the best partner for our customers' issues and concerns regarding the "Heat/Electricity/Electromagnetic waves" in their electronic parts.

TOMOEGAWA Responds to our customers' issues and concerns!

Sample 1: Example with automobile manufacturer

To prevent malfunction of electronic parts, we want to change our current metal cases to resin. Do you have any good ideas?

We tried making sheets which could work against heat and electromagnetic waves. How about integrally molding this?

That is interesting. Let's try investigating it together.

Sample 2: Example with a printed circuit board manufacturer

Is there a material for circuit boards used in electronic equipment used with high capacity, high frequency bands which can reduce transmission loss?

In that case, TOMOEGAWA's "Fluorine fiber sheets" would be optimal. Fluorine resin has low conductivity and its resin impregnation is also good, so it is effective for low-conductivity printed circuit boards.

Could you send us a sample to start with?

Of course. We can also propose other methods, so feel free to consult with us.

※Please note that for reasons of maintaining confidentiality, etc. with our clients, the contents and samples are different from the actual cases.

"iCas" products, which are perfect for "TOMOEGAWA's Heat/Electricity/Electromagneticwaves Control" of Electronic Parts

At TOMOEGAWA, we not only respond to our customers' issues and concerns, but at the same time we also create products from materials which can contribute to preventing malfunction in electronic parts, utilizing our electronic, chemical, paper-making and coating knowledge.

"iCas products" (TOMOEGAWA's Heat/Electricity/Electromagnetic waves Control Materials)

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New absorbing sheets which support millimeter-wave radar bands
iCas KR
Thermosetting adhesive sheet of polyimide/epoxy resin combined with inorganic filler
Low-induction thermosetting adhesive sheets which support next-generation high-speed transmission

A thermal conduction gel sheet that maintains high thermal conductivity rate and improves sheet strength


A thermosetting isotropic conductive adhesive sheet that demonstrates high shielding

Through integral molding/processing with film including functional fiber, functionalization to surfaces and cross sections is easy

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