Heat/Electricity/Electromagnetic waves Control Materials
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Combining the Technologies of TOMOEGAWA

We provide solutions by combining technologies of "Paper making" x "Specialty coating", with our expertise in the evaluation of electrical properties.

In the 100+ years since establishment, TOMOEGAWA has accumulated a wide variety of technologies related to paper making, fine coating, powder control, adhesion design, and the evaluation of electrical properties. By combining technological knowledge, TOMOEGAWA has repeatedly been a pioneer in creating highly functional products for different fields in the world, and some products have evolved to bring No.1 share in their respective fields.
TOMOEGAWA adhesives with extremely high insulation properties and the related technology of thermosetting adhesives possess world-class competitiveness. The technology for fine and precise coating has an established reputation. TOMOEGAWA also possesses the technology off paper making for functional sheets from specialty materials such as metals, resins, and carbon.
At the present age, TOMOEGAWA presents a total solution to the problems incurred by the “Heat/Electricity/Electromagnetic Waves” in cutting edge devices of the modern world.