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Thank you for visiting TOMOEGAWA group’s website.

In 1914, TOMOEGAWA group was founded as Tomoegawa Paper Co., Ltd. (changed to Tomoegawa Co., Ltd. in 2006) to meet the needs of first domestic production of telecommunication paper and electrical insulating paper, and has achieved the domestic production of numerous industrial specialty papers, becoming known as “Tomoegawa of Specialty Paper”. Since then, we have diversified its business by combining “electrical properties evaluation technology” with our production technologies of “paper making, coating, adhesion and powder”, and have promoted the transformation of its business from “paper manufacturer” to “high-functional materials manufacturer”.

Our Sector Classifications belonging to Tokyo Stock Exchange was changed from “Pulp & Paper” to "Chemicals” in October 2023 and in addition, the company name was changed to “TOMOEGAWA CORPORATION” in January 2024 to mark the 110th anniversary of its foundation in 2024.

In order to meet the needs of the times with the spread of DX, AI and EV, etc., we will expand “iCas” a product line that controls “heat, electricity and electromagnetic waves”, by refining heat and electromagnetic wave evaluation technology, in addition to electrical properties evaluation technology which has been one of our strengths since its foundation. We will also launch environmentally friendly products under “GREEN CHIP” brand.
In this way, we aim to be the one and only “Proposal-based solution partner” that handles not only high-functional “materials” but also modularization, componentization and equipment.

Ever since the 40th anniversary of its foundation, TOMOEGAWA group has been transforming itself into high-functional materials manufacturer based on “Our founding spirit” as its company creed consisting of “Integrity, Social Contribution and Pioneering Spirit”
We have recently decided to expand “Our founding Spirit” that we have maintained for 70 years, and from April 2023, we established “Mission” and “Vision”, and positioned our founding spirit itself as “Value”. At the same time, we have decided to set out “Statement” following “TOMOEGAWA started its journey from ‘paper’ industry.” and raised “Corporate Slogan” as “Surprising Solutions TOMOEGAWA”.
Under these Corporate Philosophy and Corporate Slogan, we will continue to provide “Surprising Solutions” to society and people.

Thank you for your continued support of TOMOEGAWA group.

President and CEOYoshio Inoue