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Functional Sheet Products

Introducing the functional sheet products as one of TOMOEGAWA's business domains

Coated Paper Products

TOMOEGAWA has created many industry-leading products, such as the "Magnetic Passenger Ticket" using multi-layer coating technology.

Magnetic Recording Sheets

Papermaking Products

Since TOMOEGAWA succeeded in domestically producing electrical insulating paper, it has made a name for itself as "Tomoegawa, the Specialty Paper", and has produced numerous original products.Today's specialty paper products have evolved through the combination of paper and other materials and the application of peripheral technologies, and are now used in a variety of fields.

Industrial Papers

Functional Sheet Business

We offer functional sheet products that enhance various fibers through sheet-forming papermaking and coating technologies in a wide range of fields, including electricity, batteries, medical, food, construction, packaging, logistics, printing and information, filters, industrial equipment, and more.