Insulating paper productElectrical Insulating Paper

Electrical insulating paper for ultra-high voltage power cables, power distribution, and UHV transformers

TOMOEGAWA's electrical insulation paper was successfully domestically produced for communication cables in 1914 and power cables in 1916.We have developed insulating materials that are suitable for various applications with the knowledge of tree species selection, pulp washing, deionized water, mechanical properties.In addition, we have also developed PPLP that has passed the test of 800kV cable, which is made by bonding insulating paper to polypropylene resin.

Electrical Insulating Paper of TOMOEGAWA is used for oil immersed transformer. In Japan, our insulating paper is used in most of power distribution cable and ultra-high voltage transformer.Our insulating paper is used not only in Japan, but also all over the world such as South Korea China, Thailand, Indonesia and India.Thermally Upgraded Insulating Paper ,Crepe Paper and High Elongation Paper are also available. We select pulps that are suitable not only for electrical characteristics but also for paper winding on copper wires.

Feature 1TOMOEGAWA is proud of its electrical insulation control technology

  • We have accumulated various technologies since it was first developed in Japan.
  • We develops manufacturing and sales not only in Japan but also overseas.
[H P] TOMOEGAWA Aura India Pvt. Ltd.

Feature 2Reflecting TOMOEGAWA's papermaking technology

  • Low ionic impurities due to the use of deionized water.
  • Excellent resin impregnation and oil impregnation
  • Large vertical tensile strength, extremely low paper breakage even with high-speed paper winding machines
  • High strength of dielectric breakdown
  • High tear strength in the lateral direction
  • Low density and high air permeability
  • Small difference between the front and back

Feature 3We can customize according to application and function

  • Thin paper(32g/ m2-40μ)can be produced.
  • Combining different pulp
  • Three-layer structure is possible.
  • Compatible with equipment and condenser applications

Application example


  • OF cable


  • Power distribution oil transformer
  • Ultra-high voltage oil-immersed transformer
  • High-efficiency oil transformer (top runner)
  • Reactor

For wire insulation, interlayer insulation, lead tubes, and insulation of joints above.