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Semiconductor and display-related products

Introduce Semiconductor and display-related products in TOMOEGAWA's business domains

Semiconductor Packaging Tape

TOMOEGAWA's advanced technological capabilities have created numerous electronics-related products widely utilized in industries such as IT (Information Technology) and consumer electronics.One example of this is our "lead frame fixing tape", a product that has solidified its global market share through advanced insulation technology.In the ever-evolving electronics industry, marked by the rise of "Wearable Devices" and "IoT" advancements, we strive to earn further customer trust by leveraging our technological and development capabilities.

Semiconductor-related component products

Semiconductor-related component products that utilize TOMOEGAWA's heat and electricity evaluation technology and control technology are highly recognized by customers for their high precision and high reliability.With IoT and DX, we will meet the growing needs for "thermal/electrical control" and "energy saving" for electronic components and semiconductor manufacturing equipments.

Optical Communication Tools

Building upon over a century of developed coating and adhesive technologies, we harness our expertise to propose and provide new products that support optical communication technology of new era.

Optical Films

TOMOEGAWA's unique adhesive and coating technologies have resulted in highly acclaimed optical film-related products for displays.We contribute to technological innovation through products and supply that meet the new needs of our customers.

Adhesive Film for Optics

Various Functional Films

Electrode Coating

Semiconductor and Display-related Business

In the fields of IT, automotive, home appliances, and other industries, TOMOEGAWA offers adhesive products with added functionalities tailored to meet the needs of our customers in the semiconductor, electronic components, and display sectors.