Optical Communication ToolsRefractive Index Matching Film

Filmed refractive index matching material

"Fit Well®" is a refractive index matching film used for optical connections such as optical fibers and optical waveguides. "Fit Well" can maintain stable optical connection characteristics because it has excellent adhesion and flexible deformability.

Feature 1Excellent workability

  • Easy to handle because of film.
  • No flowing out and no pollution as compared to oil and gel type.

Feature 2Excellent adhesion

  • Maintaining stable optical connection characteristics because of excellent adhesion and flexible deformability
  • Selectable adhesion
  • Absorbing small irregularities

Feature 3Customizable

  • Adjustable thickness and size
  • Possible to review characteristics such as heat resistance and refractive index

Refractive index matching film "Fit Well®"

"Fit Well" for bare optical fiber

  • For optical fibers connection or optical fiber’s end protection
  • Possible to be adhered to only edge of bare optical fiber
  • Easy to insert optical fiber tipped with "Fit Well" into a hole or V groove because of no flowing out to side surface
  • Applicable to various types of splicing

In addition to Contracted Manufacture, Tomoegawa provides Tip Processing System and Technology Transfer.
Tip Processing System is composed of Dedicated Machine, Operating Software and Base Compound.

Example video of tip processing
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"Fit Well" for MT/MPO connector -Fit Well Stick-

  • For connection between MT or MPO connectors
  • One surface : permanent attached adhesive layer, Other surface : non adhesive layer
  • Precut into MT ferrule size
  • Easy to attach to ferrule endface
  • Possible to protect ferrule endface
Example video of attaching to MT ferrule

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The data of optical characteristics when using "Fit Well Stick" are as follows:

  • Film thickness : 20um
  • Optical fiber : SMF
  • The data of heat cycle test and high temperature/high humidity test include the optical loss fluctuation of the connector.
  • The data in this table are measured value by Tomoegawa's measuring equipment and not guaranteed value.
  • Optical characteristics differ depending on the optical fiber type and the shape of optical fiber edge.
  • Since "Fit Well Stick" is a development prototype, its characteristics and specifications are subject to change without notice due to continual improvements.