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Heat / Electricity / Electromagnetic Waves related products

Introduce "iCas" brand products, born from the fusion of TOMOEGAWA's cutting-edge technologies

About iCas

Solves "heat, electricity, electromagnetic waves" problems of electrical and electronic devices and parts!

With the recent spread of IoT, 5G, AI, and car electronics, many electrical and electronic devices and parts require smaller, lighter and higher power (high voltage, large current, high frequency). To meet these needs, we combine electrical property know-how with the strengths of "papermaking technology" and "coating technology" to prevent electrical and electronic equipment failures.We are expanding our "iCas" brand products, which control "heat, electricity, electromagnetic waves" to provide a variety of solutions.

  • The brand name "iCas" is a combination of the initials of "Insulation", "Conduction", "Absorption" and "Solution" required for "heat, electricity, electromagnetic wave" control materials.

Example 1

Efficient air blowing effect with less temperature unevenness by using a stainless steel fiber sheet

Example 2

Lightweight heat sink with high design flexibility