Heat/Electricity/Electromagnetic WavesLow-dielectric Constant/Low-dielectric Tangent Adhesive Sheet

Low-dielectric constant thermosetting adhesive sheet which supports next-generation high-speed transmission

As our advanced information-oriented society expands, there is a demand for higher efficiency in high frequency circuit board materials.

In order to transmit and process large amounts of data quickly and efficiently, circuit board materials with low dielectric constant and low dielectric loss are essential.

TOMOEGAWA's "Low-dielectric Constant/Low-dielectric Tangent Adhesive Sheet" is thermosetting type adhesive sheets which achieve high thermal resistance and workability at low temperatures while also featuring low dielectric tangent characteristics.

Feature 1Achieves high heat resistance and workability at low temperatures

  • It can be bonded and cured at 180 ℃. as a common FPC machining process.

Feature 2Achieves high low dielectric properties and low dielectric loss tangent characteristics

  • We have achieved extremely low dielectric constants with a dielectric constant of 2.2 and a dielectric loss tangent of 0.0013.
  • ※The data are references, not guaranteed values.