Try and you will achieve.
We provide surprising solutions.

Leveraging TOMOEGAWA's technological expertise,
we partner with our stakeholders to envision
and accelerate a future with advancements in every discipline.
We collaborate with our customers to consistently provide fresh insights
and novel perspectives from the initial testing
and trial stages through to the end of the development process.

Technological expertise of TOMOEGAWA

Proficient in both chemistry and physics and in organic and inorganic

Paper technology belongs to the organic chemistry domain. However, as our company’s roots lie in electrical insulating paper, we have become a company that also understands "physical" science, and we have thus come to call ourselves “an organic chemistry company that understands electricity.”

Companies such as ours that possess knowledge of both chemistry and physics as well as organic and inorganic are very rare.
This technological advantage and strategy is apparent in our iCas products.

Proficiency in four process technologies:
Papermaking, Coating,
Adhesives, and Powder

Our strength lies in our high-level refinement of four technologies: papermaking, coating, adhesive, and powder. These advancements are based on the integration of both chemistry and physics. Depending on the requirements, we can utilize papermaking, coating, adhesive, and powder either independently or in combination to achieve the desired result.

Utilizing specialization through combined technologies

Our technology is not limited to process technology. We have extremely advanced and specialized knowledge regarding material knowledge, formulation technology, evaluation technology, and processing technology that helps us to provide unique approaches and surprising solutions.

From material development
to processing solutions,
your one-stop provider

In general, material manufacturers specialize in material development and formulation, whereas processing manufacturers excel in processing development and process technology to expand their technical expertise. However, our strength lies in possessing extensive knowledge and expertise in both formulation and process technologies, allowing us to provide a unique one-stop service as an intermediate processing manufacturer.

Initiatives for new development and brands

Our company is developing two brands: “iCas” and “GREEN CHIP”.
Our “iCas” brand offers solutions that control heat, electricity, and electromagnetic waves to prevent malfunctions in customer products and maximize product functionality. With the recent proliferation of IoT, 5G, AI, and automotive electronics, there is a growing demand for miniaturization, lightweight design, and high-power capabilities (high voltage, high current, high frequency) in electrical and electronic devices and components. In response to such needs, we leverage our expertise in papermaking and coating technologies, along with our knowledge of electrical properties, to contribute to preventing malfunctions and failures in electrical and electronic devices and components.
“GREEN CHIP” is a brand solution that is aimed at achieving a sustainable society by promoting consideration of the natural environment and optimizing the spatial environment. We offer products such as “GREEN CHIP CMF”, and “Conversion Sheets” as part of this initiative.

To become an idea-driven global solutions partner

Our vision is to become an idea-driven global solutions partner.
Transcending accepted conventions and organizational barriers,
we harness the strength of individuals and teams to develop inspiring new ideas.