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A sheet that changes from paper to plastic when heated

A sheet product that changes from paper to plastic when heated.

Since it has the flexibility of paper before heating, it can be transformed into any shape. Also, by heating while maintaining its shape, the hot-melt fibers bond to each other and develop the plastic characteristics such as strength and water resistance. Furthermore, by melting and filling the gaps in the paper with the hot-melt fibers, it is possible to make plastic along the irregularities of the substrate.

Feature 1Processing temperature controllable (80 ℃ ~)

  • Temperature processing from 80 ℃ is possible, and the processing temperature can be selected by optimizing the heat melting fiber.

Feature 2Conformity to unevenness

  • Since the hot-melt fibers are embedded in the paper gap, it is possible to process along irregularities.
  • It is also possible to make fine irregularities on the surface (such as embossing).

Feature 3Easy to fix in various shapes

  • Can be transformed into various shapes by utilizing the flexibility of paper


  • Fixing materials such as harnesses
  • IC card

The environmentally-friendly IC cards produced and sold by Shoei Printing Co.,Ltd., a member of the Tomoegawa Group, have received certification from the Biomass Mark issued by the Japan Organics Recycling Association. These IC cards, which utilize conversion sheets, contain approximately 10% paper pulp per card, potentially reducing plastic use by about 1 ton for every 2 million cards produced. This reduction is equivalent to approximately 1.2 million straws or 200,000 plastic bags.

The Biomass Mark is an indicator of environmental products that utilize bio-based resources (biomass) and is awarded to products that pass an evaluation by an independent committee of experts from the Japan Organics Recycling Association.
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