We have processing technologies such as post-processing including slitting and laminating,etc., fine coating by dispensing, screen printing, etc. We can propose processing according to customer's request

  • Slitting

    Slitting adhesive sheet after coating, width from 5mm up to 200mm in unit of 0.1mm.
  • Vacuum bonding

    High flatness precision bonding by vacuum bonding system
  • Etching

    Patterning of copper foil by wet etching system
  • Laminating

    Laminating film etc., width from 35mm up to 1,400mm
  • Dispensing

    Coating width of 0.15~1.20mm, and thickness of 0.04~0.25mm. Support for special application shapes.
  • Screen Printing

    Coating width from 0.5mm, and thickness of 0.05~0.3 mm. Support by batch application processing.
  • Laser Processing

    Precise and highly flexible processing