The TOMOEGAWA Group is a global high-performance materials manufacturer that has achieved a world-class market share in various product fields.

Since our founding, we have contributed to society's infrastructure as a “high-performance materials manufacturer” covering more than just “paper.”

TOMOEGAWA is the creator of many products that have been the first-in-Japan and first-in-the-world.
We will continue to strive to create new value that meets the needs of the times.

TOMOEGAWA is also about

  • Lead frame fixation tape
    Top class in the global market share
    More than 30 years of experience and trust

  • Top class in global market shares
    A specialist toner manufacturer, providing toner for use in photocopiers, printers, etc

  • Top class in the Japanese market shares for sealing tape for packaging

    ※TOMOEGAWA Group NichiRica

  • Certified card manufacturing and issuance companies for VISA, MasterCard, and JCB, of which there are only four in Japan.


Business content

Utilizing the technologies of papermaking, coating, adhesives and powders, TOMOEGAWA excels in various business domains, with four main business segments: "Semiconductor and Display-related Business," "Functional Sheet Business," "Toner Business," and "Security Media Business." Additionally, aiming to create new business value for a better future, we have established the "New Business Development" segment.

Segment SBU Main product Division

Toner Business


Pulverized toner for printers

Imaging material division
Overseas subsidiaries

Semiconductor and Display-related Business

Semiconductor Packaging Tape

Lead Frame Fixing Tape
Adhesive Tape for TAB
Adhesive Tape for QFN

Semiconductor-related component

Electrostatic Chuck
Adhesive For Hermetic Seal Package
High Performance Heat Sink
Planar Heater
Optical Communication Tools

Optical Films

Optical Film for flat panel display

Functional Sheet Business

Gum tape

Paper-based re-wetting adhesive products
Gum tape,DM paper,Self-adhesive tape

Functional non-woven fabric

Ceramic Sheet、Metal Fiber sheet,
Fluorocarbon Fiber Sheet,Functional powder holding sheet,Printer paper

Coated Paper

Megnetic media

Fiber Materials Division


Paper made from wood pulp
Electrical Insulating Paper
Printer Paper

Overseas subsidiary

Processed paper

Paper bag for heavy materials (Rice,wheat,barlay,cement,salt)
Running container type 2


New Business Development

New Development

New product before commercialization, Prototype sales of new technology etc

Security Media Business

Security Media

Securities, Cards, Information processing

Tomoegawa in numbers


Company History

Number of Employees
Consolidated :
Non-consolidated : 380 (as of March 31, 2023)
Net sales
Billions of yen

Financial Highlights

Ordinary profit
Billions of yen
Profit attributable to owners of parent
Billions of yen
New Product Vitality Index

Consolidated segment information(Sales)

Strengths of TOMOEGAWA

  • Providing sustainable value
    called inspiration.

    In accordance with our Mission, Vision, and Values, we have evolved as a company with over 100 years of history.

  • Our development capabilities stem from a combination of technologies.

    We possess expertise in heat, electricity, and electromagnetic technologies, in addition to papermaking, coating, adhesives and powders.

  • Diverse range of business expansion

    We possess strengths and advantages in each segment, and are the founders of numerous world-first and Japan-first technologies and products.

  • TOMOEGAWA : Technology that continues to challenge

    As a partner that you can turn to for any future project, we provide solutions to challenges and offer a variety of solutions.

Global network of TOMOEGAWA

We have established sales and manufacturing bases not only in Japan, but also around the world, and are expanding the global brand of “TOMOEGAWA.”

Domestic locations 5
Group Companies 6 in domestic
Group Companies in Overseas Locations 9 in 6 countories
(USA, Netherlands, China, Hong Kong, South Korea, Taiwan, India)