Heat/Electricity/Electromagnetic WavesHigh Performance Planar Heater

Thin layer high performance planner heater to use electrical conductivity sheet

Sheet made of conductive fibers can be used for heater applications.

A flexible thin layer heater with the characteristics of paper.

Feature 1Power saving enables uniform heat generation over the entire surface

  • A sheet heater that can generate heat on the entire surface.
  • Since it is a thin layer heater, it adheres well to the adhered and can effectively transfer to the heat of the heater to the adherent. Also it contributes to power saving.
Sheet Heater / Aluminum Foil
heating element(Nichrome wire)/ Aluminum Foil

In the case of heating wire, it is impossible to uniform heat generation even if a heat diffusion layer (aluminum foil) is used.

Feature 2Flexible and minimize risk of disconnection. Usable of complex shapes

  • There is minimize risk of heater disconnection and characteristic changes due to bending.
  • Excellent cushioning allows it following to the complex shapes well and generate heat more efficiently.
Bucking resistance comparison table (number of bend before breaking)
Corner following of stainless sheet heater

Feature 3Addition of the functions that take advantage of sheet characteristics

  • Can be used by taking advantage of the ventilation characteristics
Example of ventilation heater: You can instantly switch between hot/cold air by turning the power on/off.

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