Electronics ProductsAdhesive Tape for QFN

Hybrid adhesive tape contributes to higher density and smaller size of electronic devices

A-T5 taping on Leadframe

Adhesive tape to prevent resin leakage is required when assembling a small package such as QFN(Quad Flat Non-lead)package during the molding process.

We supply it to customers under the name "Elephane A-T5", which is a combination of heat-resistant film and adhesive.

Feature 1No mold bleed

  • It has a stable adhesion at high temperature.

Feature 2No tape residue

  • The adhesive is with heat resistance and plasma resistance.

Feature 3Good W/B workability

  • The adhesive is with high elastic and non-silicon.


  • It is used for QFN, discrete, LED package etc. assembly.