Electronics ProductsLead Frame Fixing Tape

Tomoegawa electrical insulation tape / fixing tape for lead frames is a highly reliable thermosetting product developped by ourselves, which combines high insulating adhesive and base material with excellent characteristics.

For lead frame fixing applications that are incorporated into IC packages, it is used worldwide as a world standard product that can be expected to improve workability during IC mounting.

It can also be used for electrical and electronic parts, precision parts, jigs for devices that require insulation and fixing.

Feature 1High thermosetting insulation

  • High electrical insulation
  • Low concentration of ionic impurities
  • High adhesive strength that can withstand the heating process during IC package assembly

Feature 2Easy workability for fixing lead frame

  • Thermosetting adhesive makes it possible to attach at low temperatures
  • Designed to be cured during the heating process when mounting the IC, so that no adhesive curing process is required


  • For fixing lead frame of IC package
  • For fixing / insulating electrical/electronic parts, precision parts, equipment, etc.


Product name R-970
Polyimide Film[Base film](Thickness) Kapton 200EN(50um)
Adhesive(Thickness) Thermosetting(20um)
Cover Film(Thickness) PET(25μm)

Layer structure

Taping Condition

Parameter Range
Temperature 120℃~240℃
Time 0.1sec~5sec

※R-970 can be used under the same conditions (however, the optimum usage conditions will vary depending on the lead frame design, crimping method, etc.)



※Diagram based on measured data