Display ProductsLight Control Film

Increases the brightness of the LCD and projection screen

Effective in improving the brightness of LCDs and projection screens.

Feature 1It maximizes the characteristics of the micropillar structure

  • With the micro-pillar structure, diffusion characteristics with angle dependence of incidence are realized.
  • Diffusion and transmission angles can be freely designed depending on the tilt direction of the micropillar.
  • Both haze and high total light transmission are possible Due to the backscatter-free scattering characteristics due to the backscatter-free scattering characteristics.

Feature 2It can be used for a variety of displays

  • Diffusion characteristics of light control film (LCF) make it ideal for reflective (color, black and white) display applications.
  • It also contributes to improving the visibility of projection-type displays (projector screens, head-up display (HUD) combiners, and other transparent screens).

Feature 3It's energy saving and easy on the eyes

  • Especially,when used for reflective displays,the power consumption is greatly reduced.
  • Clear display in sunlight and paper-white-like display that is easy on the eyes are realized.


Light incident parallel to the structure will diffuse preferentially,while light at other angles of incidence will be easily transmitted.Typical particle-dispersed films are not angle-dependent on incident light.

Photo of cross-sectional structure


  • Transmissive LCD viewing angle expansion
  • Semi-transmissive LCD brightness improvement
  • High Brightness Projection Screen
  • Window covering films etc.