Electronics ProductsHeat Resistance Polyimide Tape

Polyimide masking tape with silicone-free adhesive material.

Polyimide masking tape with silicone-free adhesive material.

TOMOEGAWA's Heat Resistance Polyimide Tape is a masking film using our proprietary developed adhesive material.
The Polyimide tape strongly adheres under the process. After the process is completed, the tape can be easily removed without any glue residue.
Since the tape does not contain silicone, there is no contamination or issue due to siloxane gas.

The tape should meet the following needs.

We would like to use a reliable masking tape.
TOMOEGAWA's Heat Resistance Polyimide Tape has been used at semiconductor manufacturing process for long years.
We also get good appraisal by customer for our quality management system.

We would like a supplier to slit a tape by our requested width.
We are able to slit the tape between 10mm and 500mm.

Feature 1High heat resistance without silicone by our proprietary developed process.

Generally speaking, heat resistance masking tapes are composed of silicone base adhesive material which have a severe risk to contaminate other materials due to siloxane gas.
Since TOMOEGAWA's Heat Resistance Polyimide Tape does not contain silicone base adhesive material, the tape is safely used for applications which need to be silicone-free.Furthermore, the tape has high heat resistance which is suitable for masking, thermal spraying, etc.

Feature 2It's possible to adjust alignment precisely.

TOMOEGAWA's heat resistance making tape is composed of thermo-setting adhesive material which has no tackiness under room temperature.
Therefore, it's easy to adjust alignment precisely.


Characteristic item Specification
Polyimide Film(Base film)Thickness(μm) 25~
Thickness(μm) 5
Initial adhesion strength(gf/50mm) 50
Tackiness under room temp. None
Storage Room temperature
Application temp 80~120℃

※The data are references, not guaranteed values.


  • Resin encapsulation of QFN, discrete, LED packages etc.
  • Masking (plating, soldering, thermal spraying, etc.)
  • Masking in high temperature environment
  • Heat resistance carrier tape

Layer Structure

Layer Structure

※Thickness of adhesive layer and cover film is adjustable.