Electronics ProductsElectrostatic Chuck

The electrostatic chuck applies a voltage to the electrode provided inside, and fixes the object to be adsorbed by Coulomb force (electrostatic force). It has features such as uniform adsorption and compatibility with vacuum environments, which are not found in mechanical and vacuum systems.

Our electrostatic chuck "Elephane TAD" is a highly accurate and highly reliable product that has been supplying OEM equipment to domestic and overseas equipment manufacturers for over 20 years, and boasts a top-level share in the world.

Feature 1In-house integrated production available※

  • Achieves high quality based on originally developed high insulation adhesive
  • ※Manufactures adhesive sheets using original thin film coating technology

Feature 2Customized processing available

  • Wet etching
  • CO2 laser processing
  • Vacuum laminating process
  • Precision finishing process
  • Vacuum environment evaluation


  • Semiconductor manufacturing equipment (dry etching or CVD process wafer fixation)
  • Transfer arm, holding of semiconductor wafer / thin material, shape correction such as curl shape
  • Flat panel (LCD, OLED, touch panel, etc.) vacuum bonding device, liquid crystal ODF device
  • Transport or holding of metal, film member, glass