Electronics ProductsHybrid Adhesive Sheet

This is an adhesive that has been formed into a sheet with a uniform thickness using thin film coating technology based on the formula originally developed by TOMOEGAWA. Bonding by heating makes it possible to simplify the process and reduce the weight.

Feature 1Suitable for joining different materials

Feature 2Possible to bond together with uniform thickness


  • Adhesion of electrical and electronic parts.
  • Adhesion of metals and resins, etc., and improve adhesion when integrally molding metals and resins.

Technical Data

Product Name SJ-41
Thermal decomposition temperature(℃) 350
Breakdown voltage(KV/mm) 230
Adhesion strength(※)(N/cm) 17
Continuous heat resistant temperature(℃) 150

※Taping condition: provisional temperature 100℃, curing temperature 150~200℃/0.5-1hours
※Storage condition: Can be stored at room temperature

Layer Structure

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