Electronics ProductsB Stage Adhesive For Hermetic Seal Package

Elephane CS is half hardening state (B-stage) adhesive for hermetic seal package, which uses thermosetting epoxy resin.

Adhesive is applied to various designated materials (glass, plastic, metal, ceramics, films, etc.) by patterning printing only at the necessary parts. We provide products with the adherend material and adhesive, which is controlled to B stage so that it can be stored at room temperature.The adhesive can easily melt and adhere to the adherend by heating and pressing. Thus, it can also be used as a temporary adhesive material, and by heating it further cures and exhibits high adhesive sealing properties.

Compared with the liquid adhesive, Elephane CS has the merits such as simplification of the coating process, anti-drip, better squeeze-out control.

It can be used in various fields with adhesion and sealing as keywords, such as electronic parts, automobiles and batteries etc.

Feature 1B stage adhesive precoat

The adhesive is solid at room temperature and melts when heated.
→When cooled to room temperature, it solidifies again and can be temporarily bonded.
→It will be hardened by continuing high temperature heating, meanwhile, performs strong adhesion and sealing properties.
Once cured, the adhesive will show excellent airtightness, heat resistance, water and moisture resistance, insulation and adhesion.

Feature 2Print patterning

Customer can freely set the adhesive application area from the entire surface application to the fine pattern.The minimum coating width of 0.15 mm is available.

Examples of print patterning

Square pattern
Grid pattern
Stripe pattern
Recess part full print pattern
Minimal ring shape pattern
Character printing on release PET film

Feature 3Dicing processing / dust management

Tomoegawa supports material dicing and dust control at the level of several μm.


Composition Epoxy
Temporary bonding temperature 50~70℃
Curing Tepmerature 90~150℃
Airtightness 1.0×10-9[Pa・m3/s]
Continuous heat resistant temperature 200℃
5% weight loss temperature 380℃