Functional SheetsMagnetic Ticket

Used for magnetic thermal recording in addition to transportation

Our company has expanded the product line such as magnetic commuter pass for domestic transportation and magnetic pass ticket for highways, starting with being adopted as a magnetic ticket for automatic ticket gates at the time of Sapporo Olympics held in 1972. At present, by combining thermal recording technology with magnetic media, we are able to meet the needs of our customers by being widely used not only in Japan but also in fields other than transportation.

In addition, by applying magnetic coating technology for magnetic tickets and recording technology to paper and film substrates over many years, we offer various prepaid cards that meet the needs of our customers. We have an integrated production line that covers coating, printing, and card punching, and we are highly trusted by the industry by making full use of advanced production technology.

Feature 1Combining both visible and invisible recording

  • Combining thermal recording technology with both visible and invisible recording
  • High coercivity type and low coercivity type are available depending on the application.
  • We have a protective layer type that is convenient for stamping.

Feature 2Customization and security functions is available depending on the application

  • Realizing high anti-counterfeiting effect by security function with full use of printing processing technology

Feature 3Recyclable multi-layered structure

  • The product can be manufactured as recycled paper by improving the paint formulation

Application example

Passenger ticket, parking ticket, expressway ticket, point card, commuter pass, various admission tickets

List of various technologies

We provide various combinations to meet the customer's needs.

Coercivity Magnetic layer coating method Various recording layers Other processing
High coercivity
Low coercivity
Whole surface magnetic coating
Magnetic tape
Magnetic printing
Thermal transfer dot impact
Thermal recording
Optical fixation thermal recording
Metal destruction thermal recording
Magnetic bar code
Optical bar code
Background pattern printing
Magnetic surface color printing processing