New ProductsCopper Fiber Sheet

We propose 100% Copper Fiber Sheets like a paper

We have developed a light and flexible 100% sheet that combines the high electrical conductivity of copper with the porosity, cushioning and flexibility of paper. It has characteristic both copper and paper.

We propose as a functional sheet that realizes thinning,weight reduction,and design freedom, including electronic device that support large current. This sheet is suitable for the valued needs like thin, lightweight, space saving, and so on.

Copper Fiber Paper

Feature 1Perform heat countermeasures with high heat dissipation

  • High specific surface area due to porous structure (10 times bulk ratio at same thickness)
  • Good breathability
  • Thermal conductivity of copper material (20 times stainless material ratio)
  • ※The data are measurements, not guaranteed values.

Feature 2High electrical conductivity same level as copper bulk

高い導電性  High Conductivity
  • This sheet is a 100% pure copper.
  • High electrical conductivity (50 times the stainless fiber sheet ratio, 370 times the carbon fiber sheet ratio).
  • ※The data are measurements, not guaranteed values.

Feature 3Utilization for moving parts and vibrating parts. Absorbing thermal dimensional changes at the joints of dissimilar materials

フレキシブル性  Flexibility
  • Cannot be following to the support.
  • Flexibility like paper (can be folded back and following irregularities).
  • Cushioning property due to void structure.

Feature 4Space saving and lightweight

  • Control porous structure (porosity).
  • Thinness of 100um or less that maintains a homogeneous porous structure.
  • About 1/3 the weight of bulk (foil) with the same volume.
  • Customizable.

Feature 5Shape processing, rust/oxidation treatment to meet your needs

  • Easy workability with scissors
  • High precision machining
  • Shape processing such as bending and shaping
  • Various coating surface treatment