Functional SheetsFluorocarbon Fiber Sheet

Original sheet ideal for filtration and separation, electrical and electronic use, etc

Tomoegawa's fluorine fiber sheet "Tommy Filec F" is a polytetrafluoroethylene (polytetrafluoroethylene = PTFE) 100% fiber developed by applying wet papermaking technology and heat treatment technology, which is only manufactured by our company in the world. It is a porous thin leaf sheet.

Feature 1Maintains the properties of fluororesin

  • Binderless porous thin sheet. 100% PTFE.
  • Excellent heat resistance and can be used continuously up to 260 ℃.
  • Excellent electrical characteristics (low dielectric constant and dielectric loss tangent, insulation)
  • Excellent properties such as flame resistance, non-adhesiveness, weather proof, non-toxicity and low friction coefficient.

Feature 2Utilizing TOMOEGAWA's papermaking technology

  • The texture is uniform. Realizes a thin sheet with a better texture than dry type sheets.
  • Contains no impurities. Contamination is less than 1PPM.
  • Sheet thickness of 50-1000μm and weight of 60-800g / m2 are possible
  • Pore diameter (pressure loss) can be controlled (10 to 50 μm) by selecting fiber diameter and thickness.

Feature 3Customized on your request

  • Sheets with different fiber diameters can be laminated to create a graded pore size structure
  • Mixed with glass fiber, carbon fiber, etc.


  • For filtration separation
    ・Pre-filter material for precision filtration
    ・Support material for membrane filter
    ・Oil water separation membrane
    ・Filter material for scientific instruments
    ・Filter material for EOG
  • For electrical and electronic
    ・Low and high dielectric constant printed circuit board materials
    ・Cable materials for wire coating
  • For lighting
    ・Light diffuser for lighting
  • Separate (release) material
    ・OA equipment related parts


Characteristics of Tommy Filec F Standard product (Table 1 below)
Item Unit R-250 R-350
Fiber diameter μm 35 35
Thickness μm 250 350
Basic weight g/m2 190 286
Density g/cm3 0.76 0.82
Tensile strength MD kg/15mm 0.6 1.2
CD kg/15mm 0.4 0.8

※The data are measurements, not guaranteed values.