Functional SheetsFluorocarbon Fiber Sheet

Original sheet ideal for filtration and separation, electrical and electronic use, etc

Tomoegawa's fluorine fiber sheet "Tommy Filec F" is a polytetrafluoroethylene (polytetrafluoroethylene = PTFE) 100% fiber developed by applying wet papermaking technology and heat treatment technology, which is only manufactured by our company in the world. It is a porous thin leaf sheet.

Feature 1Maintains the properties of fluororesin

  • Binderless porous thin sheet. 100% PTFE.
  • Excellent heat resistance and can be used continuously up to 260 ℃.
  • Excellent electrical characteristics (low dielectric constant and dielectric loss tangent, insulation)
  • Excellent properties such as flame resistance, non-adhesiveness, weather proof, non-toxicity and low friction coefficient.

Feature 2Utilizing TOMOEGAWA's papermaking technology

  • The texture is uniform. Realizes a thin sheet with a better texture than dry type sheets.
  • Contains no impurities. Contamination is less than 1PPM.
  • Sheet thickness of 50-1000μm and weight of 60-800g / m2 are possible
  • Pore diameter (pressure loss) can be controlled (10 to 50 μm) by selecting fiber diameter and thickness.

Feature 3Customized on your request

  • Sheets with different fiber diameters can be laminated to create a graded pore size structure
  • Mixed with glass fiber, carbon fiber, etc.


  • For filtration separation
    ・Pre-filter material for precision filtration
    ・Support material for membrane filter
    ・Oil water separation membrane
    ・Filter material for scientific instruments
    ・Filter material for EOG
  • For electrical and electronic
    ・Low and high dielectric constant printed circuit board materials
    ・Cable materials for wire coating
  • For lighting
    ・Light diffuser for lighting
  • Separate (release) material
    ・OA equipment related parts


Characteristics of Tommy Filec F Standard product (Table 1 below)
Item Unit R-250 R-350
Fiber diameter μm 35 35
Basic weight g/m2 190 286
Thickness μm 250 350
Density g/cm3 0.76 0.82
Tensile strength MD kg/15mm 5.9 11.8
CD kg/15mm 3.9 7.8
Bubble point method
Max pore size μm 125 102
Ave pore size μm 41.8 35.2
Min pressure kPa 0.36 0.54

The data are typical or measured values, not guaranteed ones.