Specialty PapersSterilizing Paper

Medical sterilizing paper with high safety and hygiene

Sterilizing Paper is used as medical packaging paper and is highly evaluated for safety. It has excellent anti-bacteria properties, but at the same time, it can be said that it is a product that takes advantage of the characteristics peculiar to paper such as bag making property and printability.

Feature 1Excellent anti-bacteria property

  • Pulp (fibers) are fine and complex entanglements, while gases such as air and water vapor pass through, bacteria can not pass through, ensuring a anti-bacteria property.

Feature 2Heat sealing properties

  • Moderate irregularities, the dissolved resin can be bonded by being pushed between fibers.
  • Products mixed with PP fibers, pp fibers in paper helps to adhere to the film, the adhesive strength is further enhanced.


  • Medical packaging paper (autoclave sterilization and EOG sterilization are avairable).


Basis weight 70~200g/㎡