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In order to provide our customers, local residents and other stakeholders with satisfaction through our business activities, TOMOEGAWA has been continuously improving the quality of its business operations and improving its consideration for the global environment through the operation of the world standard quality management system (ISO9001) and environmental management system (ISO14001).

Management system

In-house training of ISO
In-house training of ISO

In recent years, development related to automobiles has increased in TOMOEGAWA, and inquiries from customers in the automobile industry are increasing.
In order to satisfy new customers in the automobile industry as well as existing customers with safety and security, we are working to establish a system that conforms to IATF16949* in addition to ISO 9001/14001.

*IATF16949 IATF16949 was created by the IATF (International Automotive Industry Special Committee) and is an international quality management system for the automotive industry to achieve "defect prevention" and "reduction of variations and waste."
It is based on ISO 9001:2015 and is operated as a set

ISO9001 Management System Certificate  (PDF 281k)

ISO14001 Management System Certificate (PDF 289k)

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