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For this company's basic policies regarding information disclosure, please see the "Basic Policy on Information Disclosure (Disclosure Policy)" below.

Basic Policy on Information Disclosure (Disclosure Policy)

1. Basic Policy on Information Disclosure

This company's group sets forth a "Basic Policy on Information Disclosure" in the code of conduct, and will disclose company information "promptly", "accurately", "in an easy to understand fashion", and "fairly" to all the stakeholders involved with the company, and our basic policy is to further increase the transparency of the company's management.

Policy on Information Disclosure

(1) In accordance with company law, the Financial Instruments and Exchange Law and other related laws and ordinances, and the timely disclosure regulation established in securities exchanges, we will promptly and accurately disclose information based on a standard of transparency, fairness, and continuity.
(2) Even in cases of information to which (1) above does not apply, we will promptly, accurately and fairly disclose the information when it will broadly serve everyone in society, especially the stakeholders.

Method of Information Disclosure

(1) We will disclose information disclosure covered by timely disclosure regulations to the media in accordance with said regulations, such as TDnet provided by the Tokyo Stock Exchange and the press club.
(2) We will disclose information not covered by timely disclosure regulations via appropriate methods such as press releases and press conferences depending on the necessity and urgency.
(3) Information which has been disclosed as per the above TDnet or various other methods including briefings, reports, and printed materials will be published on our web site on a case by case basis.

In-house System for Information Disclosure

Duties relating to this company's group's timely disclosure of information will be clearly and specifically allocated based on company regulations.

Silence Period

In order to prevent leaks of earnings information and secure fairness, the period from the day after the end of the accounting period until the until the day of the announcement of financial statements shall be a silence period, and we will refrain from answering any inquiries regarding financial statements.


The purpose of disclosed information is to foster deep understanding of this company’s group and not to solicit any investments. Please understand that forecasts regarding future performance, etc. in the disclosed information are judgments based on information obtainable at the time, and these forecasts may differ greatly from the actual performance due to financial conditions and other changes in the external environment.

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